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singing by numbers

This was a series of experiments/collaborative research with composer/friend Laura Steenberge from approximately 2009-2011 in and around Los Angeles, California. It first began, simply, as a searching for clear and intuitive means to a musical practice with ratio relationships, as a pedagogy for ourselves and for friends. Julia Holter and Heather Lockie were quick to join us in our endeavors, and soon thereafter we had an ensemble of very interesting creative musicians from very differing musical backgrounds. It evolved into a vocal "collective" where some very experimental and wonderful ideas were processed from various members at various times. Laura and I continued to direct it back towards differing harmonic ear training technics, to which we eventually referenced tones by numbers. The attempt was to intuit and to listen relationally and spectrally rather than by note names and common intervals.

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listen to Piriforms by Laura Steenberge (as performed by Jessica Basta, Julia Holter, Laura, and myself)

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