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Mani Kaul

download Angela Lehr's Interview with Mani Kaul on Dhrupad Music, 2006, Mumbai

Angela Lehr was a student of Mani Kaul (from 2000-2011) on Sarangi and Rudra Vina, learning Dhrupad from the tradition of the Zia Mohiuddin Dagar lineage.

Mani Kaul (1944-2011) was most known as an experimental filmmaker, having a unique influence, especially on young filmmakers in India today. Those who knew him also respected his incredible devotion to music, particularly towards his teacher Z.M. Dagar. He had many students from music, film, and art around the world who loved him dearly.

Dhrupad Music is one of the oldest traditions of Classical Music still being developed today. The particular attention towards a kind of "foraging" through sound, subtle shifts and movement involving both extreme delicacy/focus as well as flexibility in relation to life happening, the music of Z.M. Dagar is very special.

Mani Kaul's film on Dhrupad