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Maryanne Amacher lecture at Ars Electronica, 1989, Linz, Austria

Dr. Brian Blood music theory online: pitch, temperament, and timbre

Henry Cowell New Musical Resources

Diana Deutsch The paradox of pitch circularity

Diana Deutsch Pitch circularity from tones comprising full harmonic series

A. Ellis On the History of Musical Pitch

A. Ellis On Musical Duodenes

John Fonville Ben Johnston's Extended Just Intonation, A Guide for Interpreters

Ellen Fullman A Compositional Approach Derived from Material and Ephemeral Elements

Kyle Gann Just Intonation, Historical Tunings, and Anatomy of an Octave

Kyle Gann La Monte Young's the Well Tuned Piano

Bob Gilmore Changing the Metaphor: Ratio Models of Musical Pitch in the Work of Harry Partch, Ben Johnston, and James Tenney

Kraig Grady Theoretical Papers

Robin Hayward The Microtonal Tuba

Hermann Helmholtz On the Sensations of Tone

Ben Johnston Beyond Harry Partch

Ben Johnston The Corporealism of Harry Partch

Ben Johnston Extended Just Intonation: A Position Paper

Ben Johnston Maximum Clarity and Other Writings on Music

Richard K. Jones The Well-Tempered Timpani: In Search of the Missing Fundamental

Mani Kaul Seen From Nowhere

Angela Lehr and Mani Kaul Interview with Mani Kaul on Dhrupad Music

Gareth Loy Musimathics

W.A. Mathieu The Harmonic Experience

Joe Monzo encyclopedia of microtonal music theory

Pauline Oliveros Quantum Listening: From Practice to Theory (To Practice Practice)

Harry Partch Genesis of a Music

Michael Pisaro The growth of a style : an analysis of three compositions from my graduate years.

Larry Polansky, Alex Barnett, and Michael Winter A Few More Words About James Tenney: Dissonant Counterpoint and Statistical Feedback

Marc Sabat and Wolfgang von Schweinitz The Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation

Marc Sabat and Wolfgang von Schweinitz Intonation

Marc Sabat Shadings in the Chromatic Field

Marc Sabat and Robin Hayward Tunable Intervals on Horn, Tuba, and Trombone; double horn; and Sabat's information on: violin and cello

Wolfgang von Schweinitz La Monte Young and The Well Tuned Piano

Wolfgang von Schweinitz and P. Sambamurthy The Classical Indian Just Intonation Tuning System

William Sethares Consonance-Based Spectral Mappings

William Sethares Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale

John D. Spilker The Origins of "Dissonant Counterpoint": Henry Cowell's Unpublished Notebook

James Tenney A History of Consonance and Dissonance

James Tenney John Cage and the Theory of Harmony

James Tenney Meta-Hodos and Meta Meta-Hodos

James Tenney On Crystal Growth in Harmonic Space

Erv Wilson Archives

Michael Winter On James Tenney's Arbor Vitae for String Quartet

James Kenneth Wright Schoenberg, Wittgenstein, and the Vienna Circle: Epistemological Meta-Themes in Harmonie Theory, Aesthetics, and Logical Positivism