"Come rain, come shine,
I meet you and to me the day is fine
Then I kiss your lips and the pounding becomes
The oceans roar, a thousand drums"

- Johnny Mercer

Oceans Roar 1000 Drums is a musical testament to the words attributed to Heraclitus: 'We both step and do not step in the same rivers; we are and are not.' Formed in 2008 in New York, the trio is Todd Capp (drums and cymbals), Bryan Eubanks (soprano saxophone and electronics) and Andrew Lafkas (bass and synthesizer). Their music carves a deep groove in the flow of time, drawing in a continuous circulation of textures that obscure any difference between entropy and stillness.


live at Sowieso, Berlin, August 2015 (excerpt), (14:32)

live at the Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA., 10/03/14, 40:27

Livingston Sur (first take/studio version 2009), 29:42

past recordings:
Livingston Sur, no label, 2014
self titled, ilse music, 2010